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oh jeez!

update: it has come to my attention those were spynames. oops. so now theyre all gone, for the good it does. and there goes much of the humor content herein, but take my word for it, theyre confusingly similar names

[02:09:32 AM] [gret]: Well, I have I believe 4 days of work ahead of me and I will be off for 2 weeks
[02:10:48 AM] king nixon: egads, why so much time off?
[02:11:00 AM] [gret]: The feast
[02:11:04 AM] [gret]: Going to UT
[02:11:38 AM] king nixon: UT?
[02:11:51 AM] [gret]: Utah
[02:11:58 AM] king nixon: ah
[02:12:03 AM] king nixon: o, is that the thing gret's church does?
[02:12:18 AM] [gret]: I AM Gret
[02:12:30 AM] king nixon: 8o
[02:12:31 AM] king nixon: ack!
[02:12:33 AM] king nixon: you are
[02:12:38 AM] king nixon: ir ead the SN backwards
[02:12:38 AM] [gret]: Goober
[02:12:43 AM] [gret]: Nice...
[02:12:55 AM] king nixon: LOL taht was weird
[02:13:06 AM] king nixon: stop being rob! :o

(bear in mind, she IMed me at 1:55am, so i'd spent almost 20 minutes talking to her thinking she was rob)

[02:17:41 AM] [rob]: dummy, THIS is me :p
[02:18:11 AM] king nixon: [blush]
[02:18:14 AM] king nixon: she told, eh
[02:18:25 AM] [rob]: yeah
[02:18:27 AM] king nixon: you two confuse me! same damn names
[02:18:48 AM] [rob]: yes, arent we sickeningly cute? ;)

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