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yay for stuff. k, let's see.. woke up for calc, tired as doom, slept thru calc, went to crit analysis, ignored class, back to room, myth hw in mub w/ heron, lunch, myth, got RAC #, tra la la-ed about in the LOVELY DAY - it was so warm and nice and nice out today! - down to salem, drove hither and yon with laur and tessa, buying various foodstuffs, watched a fun play (twas good!), saw sara, went to friendlys w/ peoples, brought tessa and laur home, came back, and yay. i have no impressive details to give, so that must've been a godawful boring list to read thru. but, dan cares not. it was a good day!
o, and nifty fact of the day: tina druin - who for those of you not from manchwards, i went to highschool with - is going on tour with blessid union of soul! yay for her!
o, and i got a ticket today to river rave, that's gonna rule the world. they got the best friggin lineup this year! live (whee!!), black crowes, manson, eve 6, everlast, lifehouse, sevendust, coldplay, tantric, stabbign westward, the cult, system of a down, american hi fi, new found glory, stereophonics, fatboy slim, dj keoki, liquid todd....
goodnite to me, goodnite to you, goodnite to the world in a big brown shoe

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