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die harder

so i just watched die hard 2, and i don't get why the reporter dude is portrayed like such a villain. i mean yeah, in the first movie he's a scumsucker, but in this one he's doing just what he said at the beginning - informing the public about what's going on. we're supposed to cheer censorship here? it's not like he got up and announced to the people on the plane HEY YOU'RE ALL SCREWED, he was reporting important info on the damn news. what a monster, better taser him! but at least stupid holly with her hair has reason to hate him from the first movie; what the hell does the old lady have against him? anyway, that's my deep thought for the day.
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woo classes

so my schedule for the quarter is: negotiation, evidence, social welfare law, jurisprudence, and social change v appropriation.
plus: something like half the quarter i will have 4 day weekends. (the other half is makeup days for negotiation, and social change, which is thurs-sat for 2 weeks). also, tuesdays off. so that's a whole lotta free time.
minus: as you may have noticed, my classes are almost entirely mon/wed. which means those days will suck. i managed to avoid mondays being 11 straight hrs of class, by the clever expedient of not making it off the waitlist for legal writing, but even so. busy city, those two days. and probably sunday too, getting ready for them.

EDIT: jk i dropped jurisprudence and picked up admin law
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i love this damn city! maybe it's just the luck of the people i've met, but i think it's the place itself[1]. when i got off the commuter rail and started walking through downtown, i was really happy to be back here; i don't get that feeling anywhere else. when i go to manch i am happy to see my family and friends, but i don't particularly care that i'm IN manchester. if right now i had to pick a city to live in forever, it would be providence, no question.

[1] although, it's not as though i am talking about my love of the architecture here. the atmosphere of the city is due to the people in it, so in some sense i AM talking about the people -- but it's the community they've made and not simply them as individuals or small groups.

also being down here this wk has reminded me just how comparatively straight-laced my law school world is. there's a certain level of informal relaxation that most of the people i've met in boston don't seem to have any interest in approaching. which is fine for them, but i've been staying at watermyn for a few days and this ridiculous house still feels like home with its broken furniture and badly-painted walls. the other day i was at a noise show in what i can only assume was an illegal warehouse loft space[2] -- i'm sure these sort of shenanigans go on in boston too, but i haven't found it yet.

[2] that place was fantastic, with crazy art all over everywhere and all the rooms looked basically homemade (as in, hallways/room walls were just pieces of wood/random stuff jammed together). i wish i'd had my camera with me. my phone was almost outta power so i couldn't even take pics with that

completely unrelatedly, i bought a book this week. every time i ever went into symposium books, downtown, i would look at this book and think it seemed pretty cool but not ultimately worth it. but then every time, i would still be thinking about it after i'd left and kinda wished i'd gotten it, so finally i figured i'd just buy the damn thing. it's so far[3] rather astoundingly pretentious, but beautifully written. it doesn't appear to have any plot to speak of, and keeps making references to things i've never read, and my classes start up again in 3 damn days anyway, so we'll see how far i get through it.

[3] i'm on pg 13, of 650 dense large pages. it's slow going. but there're diagrams and things! so that's fun.
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hey some of you are big social media nerdoids-- has anyone made an open centralized identity service yet? by which i mean, something such that i can go to all sorts of sites and comment or post or whatever under the same identity and all my various actions will be linked to the same place that i have control over. openID and disqus are in the right direction, but kind of limited still. it seems like facebook has gone the farthest on this front, which is pretty lame.
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quotes are easier than thoughts

"The people, all this while, become careless as to whom they send to the legislature; too often they cheerfully vote for men whom they would not trust with an important private affair, and when these unfit persons are found to pass foolish and bad laws, and the courts step in and disregard them, the people are glad that these few wiser gentlemen on the bench are so ready to protect them against their more immediate repreesentatives." -james bradley thayer

"We're a democracy…and if we vote for damn foolishness, damn foolishness is what we'll get." -john varley
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because i'm sure you're all desperately interested, here are the classes i registered for. neu's registration system is deranged so i won't have an actual schedule until either 5/14 or 6/1, depending. gotta love not knowing your classes until the 1st day of class, that's a good system all right.

classes i registered for and want:
Legal Writing Workshop - Hahn-Dupont
Evidence - Section II - Borenstein
Jurisprudence - Smith
Negotiation - Baker
Social Change vs. Appropriation; Abolition vs. Reform - Chandler

classes i want but couldn't register for:
Evidence - Section I - Givelber
Administrative Law - Woo
International Law - Lewis

classes i registered for but want less:
Public Health Legal Clinic - Davidson
Community Economic Development Seminar: Sustainable Income Development - Dyal-Chand
International and Foreign Legal Research - Courtney
Social Welfare Law - Williams, L.
Family Law - Adler

classes i want less but couldn't register for anyway:
Advanced Criminal Procedure: Adjudication - Givelber
Poverty Law and Pratice Clinic - Rowan/Holohan
Strategic Litigation (was Private Law/Public Policy) - Daynard
Professional Responsibility - Farber
Health Law - Parmet
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screaming bloody murder

so last night, i wake up around 3am to someone outside screaming NO NO NO over and over. there was a very strange tenor to it, almost like they were singing it instead of just screaming it. i got up and looked out the window and didn't see anything. other people were yelling out the window to stop and "shut up or i'm calling the cops", at which point the NOs switched to HELP MEs (still in the strange half-singing tone) and i called 911. after a bit i heard sirens pull up, but since i had no idea where the screams were coming from when i called, i don't know how helpful it was. by the time sirens got there the screaming had stopped, and then started again a little later, and then stopped again. i have no idea waht happened, i hope everyone was okay. lying in bed the rest of the night i had trouble sleeping and every nighttime noise sounded like a far-off scream.


this here is a debate between singer (philosopher) and posner (judge) on animal rights. it's interesting to me more for their methods than the content - i find it interesting how flimsily two rather brilliant people argue with each other. they keep throwing around strawmen and mischaracterizing each other's arguments and avoiding the point. or maybe their thoughts are just too subtle for me to follow, i dunno. but at any rate, i spent the first half mostly in singer's corner, but then posner started making good points, mostly saying philosophy is useless. i like to think in the end singer wins, but of course i also like to pretend i live by a philosophy so whatever.

also, i enjoy that posner sees himself as a softie here. for the non-law nerds reading, he is one of the leading lights of the law and economics movement, which is entirely un-soft and basically says whichever solution to a problem makes society the richest is correct.

i kind of wonder at the context of this. it looks like they started emailing each other one day (or more accurately, singer emailed posner, and then after a few exchanges said okay i'm done here), and then thought "hey let's send these to a magazine!" i'm gonna start sending all my emails to vanity fair. and they are so unflaggingly polite with each other, despite basically calling each other immoral idiots repeatedly. how much more fun would this be to read with a few "fuck you, tha's not what i said!"s thrown in? come on now.
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so should i migrate over to gmail? i seem to be the world's last person still using outlook (and outlook 2000, at that!) here on my very own laptop for all my email/calendar needs, instead of having all my stuff float out on the internet somewhere. what're the pros and cons? the only difference i can think of is access to my email/calendar from anywhere i can get online, which makes fairly little difference to me right now, but could matter someday, i dunno.
really, i just don't want to have to get used to a new interface. i know how outlook does things and i have it all organized and set up how i want. but i feel like at some point i will have to switch over to more cloud computing type of shit, which i fundamentally don't really trust for no particular reason. i don't want my stuff out online somewhere, i want it right here on my computer where i can do what i want with it. this being more of an issue of control than privacy.