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here is where i live

when i am not somewhere else

Prometheus von Cornsilk
8 April 1982
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on the off chance that anyone cares, i dedicate this journal into the public domain (to the extent possible). obviously you want to publish my deep thoughts far and wide.

my contact info! you should use it to contact me!

wherein dan pretends to be an artist: verbalkint. stories and poems and photos and what have you
i also have an exciting community for your various amusements: funbox

here are some aspirations - sniggle.net

give kingnixon more *HUGS*
Get hugs of your own

BujinkinOi (4:30:49 PM): dude
BujinkinOi (4:30:52 PM): you have a livejournal
BujinkinOi (4:30:59 PM): you can do anything if you can keep up a livejournal

BlueStarRunner (12:37:04 AM): Your LJ is going to be an exciting wealth of knowledge, I can see